Set the foundation for a successful transformation journey

Define the right strategy

To succeed with your change initiative there are several key elements that need to be addressed an outlined during a pre-study to secure a solid foundation. If you can’t tick off these, you are not ready to embark on your transformation journey. To have these key elements in place is a must to succeed with the project. Our experience shows that it is better to put the project on hold if some of them are missing. That will save you time and money in the long run.

Key elements for success

  • A change vision supported by clear business objectives which is aligned with your overall strategy
  • A business process framework based on an end-to-end approach which will act as a backbone for defining the scope, organization and governance model.
  • Business opportunities and pain points turned into a compelling business case
  • Identified key decisions and activities needed to define your future model of operation
  • A transformation roadmap which is prioritized based on value, dependencies to other change initiatives and the investment needed in cost and resources
  • Critical success factors for a successful change management plan based on a change readiness assessment
  • Leadership alignment around, change vision, business objectives, scope, transformation roadmap, approach, business case and critical success factors

Proven methodology

Business Inspiration has based on their experience from +50 different change initiatives developed a proven methodology for a pre-study which covers all above elements. Leadership alignment are secured with a high engagement from the management team facilitated by the experience transformation advisors from Business Inspiration. Each pre-study is tailored to the specific needs from the customer and we always use all previous work done as a starting point to reduce double-work and to speed up the process.