We help you to manage people change and transform your business

Today all change is driven by digitalization. However a successful change initiative is not about securing an IT-implementation on time an budget, it is all about people. Engaging people to change ways of thinking and working. Then you will successfully transform your business.



Set the foundation for a successful transformation journey



Manage the people change and secure expected value realization



Support and train leaders to successfully lead through change

Successful change is all about people

The pace of change is accelerating and today are almost all major change initiatives driven or enabled by digital technology. According to Gartner nearly 75% of the organizations expect to multiply the types of major change initiatives they will undertake in the next three years.

The sad story is that only 30 % of the change initiatives achieve the business objectives they set out to reach (McKinsey & Company). The reason is that all the spend in the project is invested on IT with the misbelief that technology itself will create value. Value realization can only be achieved when employees change behaviours by adopting the new technology and aligning their working methods with the new processes.

In order to transform your business and let the new technology make your business competitive and future proof you also need to set aside resources to handle the change management side of the project. Projects with excellent change management produce six times better outcomes than those with poor change management (PROSCI).

We combine 30 years of experience of business transformation initiatives using ERP or other technology as an enabler, deep business, and industry knowledge together with a deep understanding of human behaviors, how we react to change and what is needed to coach people through resistance in order for them to engage and embrace the coming change.

Insights & Cases

One of the larger steel service company in the Nordics wanted to accelerate their strategy and transform their business. They decided to initiate a business transformation program to implement a new data driven business model and harmonize their business processes enabled by a new future-proof business platform.

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An international IT-consultancy firm wanted to expand their service offering to include strategy and change to support their customers to succeed with their IT-transformation projects. A consultant from Business Inspiration was hired to contribute with her expertise within people change when developing the service offering.

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New logistics solution based on Automated Guiding Vehicles required a significant change to the business operating model for the European market leader in material handling. To be able to quickly respond to the new market needs there was a need to harmonize and design common processes. 

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