Transform your business, manage the people change and secure expected value realization

Transform your business

In order to transform your business and let the new technology make your business competitive and future proof you need to set aside resources to handle the change management side of the project. Projects with excellent change management produce six times better outcomes than those with poor change management (PROSCI).

We have outlined a model for helping people to embrace the change and on-board to the new reality. Our change management model is influenced by the latest research from neuroscience and leading models around change and value realization.

In our change management practice we work with two parallel and highly integrated streams: People Change and Value Realization.


People change

In our step-by-step model, priority one is to align and engage top management around the change. Thereafter the whole organization is prepared with one-to-one dialogues, interactive workshops and a communication plan that is rolled out.

The change impact for different roles is defined and thereafter are tailor-made role-based change journeys including training outlined and implemented.

Line managers are important stakeholders for a successful change and their involvement and engagement is secured early in the process. They are continuously informed about the progress of the project and trained in how to lead through change and manage resistance.

Both the project and the organization is supported on how to engage, re-engage people and manage pitfalls by using a growth mindset throughout the project.


Value Realization

Value realization is not something that just happens. It needs to be planned for and managed carefully. The starting point for the value realization is the business case. The disappointing fact is that only 30 % of all change initiatives reach their objectives set out in the business case.

Based on our experience and best practice we have defined a proven and structured approach to secure value realization so that your project will fulfill its objectives. This will also lead to best possible payback on your investment.

Critical success factors for securing value realization are clear ownership on the right level in the organization and a structured plan with defined measurements that are carefully monitored through the change.